I Break Everything including annelids

My old house had a huge backyard, a medium front yard, and two smaller side yards. In one of the side yards, there was an abandoned flower bed that was then just a flat hunk of dirt in the middle of grass. I turned it into a worm house. I built them a kitchen, with grape hyacinth juice boxes, a swimming pool out of blue paper, a living room, and everything an annelid could need. I dug in the ground next to the house to find some worms to live in it. One of my residents managed to tie itself in a knot. I tried to untie him, and accidentally ripped it in half instead. I put the two ends together, but it would stick together and it was still in a knot. I chucked both pieces off to the side. A few years later in school, I felt relieved when I learned that broken worms could regenerate themselves.