Venturing out of the ferry terminal on Staten Island

I do love art, but when it comes to museums I’d much rather look at pickled animals in jars.

The Staten Island museums delivers! Not only do they have dinosaur footprints, Native American artifacts, but they have glass jars with squid eggs, a flying squirrel, a hammerhead shark, and many more…

Oh sweet irony.

Staring like the Care Bears.
Never leave home without your matchbox full of rabbit droppings. These were on a shelf with the rind of a giant lemon and…

…a four-footed chicken. The chicken and magnified rocks were both pretty hypnotizing, but the minerals were more sparkly. (Though while talking to K10 later, she and I decided that rating how things ranked against a four-footed chicken is a really great way to measure awesomeness).

The entrance has a wall of several hundred insects, near a display of the horrors of the Asian long-horned beetle. These butterflies will not decimate forests…or will they?

Shadowboxes full of taxidermy animals is probably the only tradition I’d like to bring back from the Victorian era.