Remember the episode of the Simpson’s where Bart runs for class president after being nominated by Sherri and Terri (the purple haired twins)? From there, Bart rallies the popular support from the students in Mrs. Krabappel’s class by promising more asbestos in the air, easy answers, and anarchy. He wipes Martin’s campaign poster across his ass in front of a cheering crowd.

By election day, Martin looked like Lisa did after she drank the water at Duff Gardens, and Bart declared a victory party under the slide when Mrs. Krabappel announced the opening of the polls. As Bart passed out cupcakes to thank his voters, Nelson tells him voting is for geeks, Sherri and Terri say they didn’t vote, Millhouse and Lewis say they forgot. Bart says, “Somebody must’ve voted.” Then Millhouse says, “What about you Bart? You must’ve voted?” Beads of cartoon sweat run down Bart’s face as he sprints back to the classroom to vote for himself, and the bell rings before he can get there. The polls were done. Martin and Wendell clutch each other and shout hooray for Martin’s win. Bart demands a recount, and Mrs. Krabappel joyously shows him the only two votes cast in the election, and both were for Martin…and this can happen in real life too.

There’s about 20 days until the election. EVERYBODY HAS TO VOTE. Obama may be leading the polls right now, but DON’T GET COCKY. HE HASN’T WON IT YET. There’s still a lot of room for error, and you can help avoid that. Gauging by his classmates reactions, Bart should’ve kicked Martin’s ass. But Bart got full of himself, and his classmates failed to simply write a name on paper.

Cautious optimism is fine, but don’t pass out the victory cupcakes now. There are still debates left, and swing voters can change their minds by November. But more importantly, POLLS MEAN NOTHING. The only way to win an election is with VOTER TURNOUT. DON’T BE MILLHOUSE. DON’T EAT VASOLINE ON TOAST. VOTE. DON’T FORGET. TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS. Even if you are voting for the candidate who called his wife a “trollup faced cunt” in front of several reporters, get out there and vote. I may not agree with your opinion, but I respect our differences. Every vote is important! VOTING IS NOT JUST FOR GEEKS.