Wholesome Wear

I’ve had the same swim suit for about four years, and I’ve been considering replacing it or buying a second. After watching tonight’s 18 Kids and Counting…, I’ve decided I can’t live without the stylish number from Wholesome Wear that Anna wore on her honeymoon with Joshua. I thought I’d never a swimsuit that was both Spandex and a throw back to Puritan fashion, but the Wholesome Wear outer garment converts from swim-ready shorts to a land-appropriate dress with quick and easy snaps! (I also never knew how to make soap from previously existing soap before the Duggars). Apparently, only the favorite daughters in giant families like the Duggars get to go swimming; each Wholesome Wear is $80.

I understand that Anna doesn’t want a swimsuit that makes her look like a common whore, but she found a suit that leaves more to the imagination than the Burqini.

My favorite genre of TV show is "Abstinence only"

I’m sure that when LCD Soundsystem were talking about Daft Punk playing at their house they actually meant “a fundamental baptist family in Arkansas cooking breakfast and practicing violin.”

“17 Kids and Counting,” the Duggar’s show on TLC, is my new TV obsession. I don’t think they’re bad people, and I like that they are a close-knit, loving family who financially support all the chilluns they pop out. But they’ve forsaken individuality for numbers. All the kids are homeschooled and play violin and piano. Except if you’re a girl, the girls also have to play the harp. On the show, they don’t talk about stuff like “Jimmy’s really into dinosaurs” (I bet they don’t believe in dinosaurs) or “Joanie’s such a good artist” (though I have seen them play with crayons on the show).

According to their Web site, Michelle was on the pill when she and Jim Bob first got married. Then they decided they were being selfish and would have as many children as God saw fit, because biology has nothing to do with it.