Abstinence Only and Chaperoned Dates, part 1

Last night, the fine people of TLC brought their normal Tuesday night line up of two (!!) episodes of 17 kids and counting and toddlers and tiaras…that’s two full hours of watching life decisions I’d never make for myself or anyone else! The Learning Channel, indeed.

17 Kids and Counting, “A Duggar in the Rough”

The Duggars loaded up the bus and traveled to Murfreesboro, Arkansas to the aptly named Crater of Diamonds State Park to…dig for diamonds in a crater. All eight girls were properly dressed to walk through the muddy crater, meaning they were decked out in their ankle-length skirts. Joy Anna frowned when she saw all of the mud, telling the camera crew that playing in the mud was “more of a boy thing.” I’m so sorry JoyAnna, that you were expecting a big pile of diamonds like it was star sprinkle mountian, not that you’ve seen Rainbow Brite because your parents limit your access to TV. Finding diamonds requires sifting and digging, and it beats being lowered into a tiny cave like Penny had to do in The Rescuers, not that you’ve seen that either.

Instead of blaming JoyAnna for her automatic disgust of getting dirty, I’ll blame the science lessons she gets during home school from Michelle. In the episode “Trading Places, Duggar Style*,” Michelle talks about the family’s gender stratificaion in the division of labor, and how the biological differences between boys and girls which dictates what kind of chores and activities a person enjoys doing. This means that girls love to clean bathrooms, while boys are better suited for working on cars. So you’re right JoyAnna, you’re a girl, you have the “harp playing” gene instead of the “searching for buried treasure” gene.

Jim Bob and Michelle talked about what a great educational opportunity learning about how diamonds are made was for their children, until the park rangers told them that the Crater of Diamonds was several million years old. Jim Bob and Michelle both laughed and told the cameras that sometimes they encounter information that goes against their beliefs, like the one about the world being seven thousand years old. After all, the bible is a far more accurate system of measurement than the fossil record or carbon dating.

*Duggar-style is also the term for when a man has to please himself manually during intercourse because the woman’s vagina is so stretched from popping out children.