Octo Friends!

Meet my new octo friend! (and check out my greasy hair).

He doesn’t have a name yet. He’s gonna go live at e’s house, so I’ll let him pick a name. I’ve been looking for quick sewing projects to work on to break up my cover letter writing sessions, and this little cephalopod will be the first of many. I found the pattern on Craftster.org. I’m going to make the tentacles a little wider on the next one to make machine sewing and turning it right side out a little easier.

It’s that kind of store

In the fourth grade, I asked for a gift certificate to a store called Craft Warehouse on my Christmas list. I typed up my list in Word, because it had better penmanship and spelling abilities. I trusted everything that spell check told me. I didn’t even read the suggested words. It was a computer; I assumed that it was smarter than me. I kept clicking “change” when spelling errors popped up, including for the word “warehouse.” My family and I still call that store “Craft Whorehouse.”