Ode to Asbestos

Ode to Asbestos

Ode to asbestos-
You come in so many natural forms:
Chrysotile, amosite, crocidolite, termolite, anthophylite, and actinolite.
I want to rub them all on my face.
You come in so many colors: Blue, white, and brown start your spectrum.
God’s rainbow after the flood must have borrowed your hues.

Oh asbestos-
You clothed the Greeks and built Rome so strong.
I want to wear one of your togas in a house of your transite slabs.
Your shingles and felt protect your flooring tiles below.
This acoustical plaster you created will amplify my calls of your praise.

Oh asbestos-
What I haven’t learned from your chalkboards!
Use your spackle to fill the holes in my life.
Mesothelioma is a small price to pay for your friable gifts.

Oh asbestos-
Your vinyl may be for walls and paneling, but let me wear it as pants!
I write this on your thermal paper and will post it with your adhesives.

Oh asbestos-
Your insulation keeps me as warm as the suit I need to remove you.