Madame President if yah nasty


I just voted and it feels damn good! In the closet thing I have to a pant suit and in a white dress, I voted decked out in spirit of the candidate I chose and to honor the women who fought for my right to cast a ballot. While I waited in line, I got teary that I was finally going to get to vote for a woman for president. That’s not the only reason I voted for Hillary. I voted for her because she is the candidate whose values most closely align with my own, because she has made her career in shaping policy and fighting for people, and because I think she will be a great president. I know she is not without controversy and she is not perfect, but I think she is the best candidate on the ballot.

I am happy with the progress our country is making. Paid parental leave conversations are happening. Bans on asking about salary history. Models with special needs in national ads. This year, my little sister got married to the woman of her dreams, and their union is legal in all 50 states. I could go on. I voted for Hillary because I believe she will be the leader through more progress.

Today, I also grabbed Donald Trump by the ballot. I do not believe he is qualified to run this country. I don’t believe he understands how our government works. From the moment he announced his campaign, his platform has been of hatred, bigotry, and ignorance that is profoundly disturbing and anti-American and anti-democratic to me. He has demeaned women, insulted people with disabilities, promoted blatant racism, and suggested war crimes. To me, these are all deal breakers in a leader. His ideas and temperament are dangerous to our national security and identity. I will not vote for someone who is supported by North Korea and the KKK. Donald Trump is the poster boy for white, patriarchal bullshit from the past that should not be here in 2016.

I think one of the most haunting examples of Trump’s influence is this article from the times interviewing teenage girls on how Donald Trump’s comments on women have made them feel. Anti-women sentiments are built into our culture enough, the last thing we need is having a POTUS who makes anyone feel like they are a lesser than. This doesn’t even stratch the surface of all of the groups that the orange ass clown has insulted, but I’ll end with this quote from the article:

“Watching Mrs. Clinton has made Sarah Hamilton, 17, of Portland, consider politics, or at least being ‘a boss.’ But if Mr. Trump wins, ‘I really would feel like the leadership in my country doesn’t want me to succeed,’ she said. ‘And even though I know the things he says about women aren’t true, I can’t help but feel disrespected and just kind of bummed out by it.'”

You should feel bummed out and disrepcted, Ms. Hamilton. Trump does not respect anyone but himself. He does not deserve the highest office in our land.


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