Jury Duty – a photo essay!

My summons told me to dress appropriately. I threw on one of my comfiest business casual dresses, and then I was conflicted about shoes. I thought wearing a pair of Toms would somehow hold me in contempt. I put on a pair of cheap metalic flats I hadn’t worn in a while, and threw the Toms in my purse. As soon as I walked outside, I remembered why I hadn’t worn them. They were stabby uncomfortable. I changed my into the Toms outside in the courthouse. Once I was inside the jury waiting area, my fears of inappropriate footwear vanished at the sight of my fellow jurors. They were wearing gym shorts, sandals, stained jeans, etc.

I found a use for my uncomfortable flats at lunch, though.


This is the soda machine in the jurors lounge. Despite its apperance and apparent age, there was no Tab inside.


Also, don’t expect change from this rad 80s skiier.



There was also a coffee vending machine. I’m unclear on the availability of French Vanilla.


I do not appreciate these 80s clip art women telling me there’s one defintion of a lady. I also don’t like rhymes about cleanliness.


After I got dissmissed from a potential jury, I found got as comfortable as I could in the one room with a window. It was a really scenic view.

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