My emotional reaction cycle to the Mountain Jam Music Festival

This headline appears in FB news feed:  “Mountain Jam: music festival announces line up for event  in upstate New York” 

Reaction: “That’s a terrible name for a festival. What musical abominations will be playing this?”

Clicks link. Sees Beck as headliner. 

Reaction: “Oh shit, I love Beck. Maybe this won’t be a jam fest full of unwashed pseudo-hippies.”

Reads rest of line up. Sees it would be really exciting if I was still in my obligatory (as a northwest  jam band phase. 

Reaction: “Wilco – bleh. Avett Brothers – good. Gov’t Mule – hell no. Umpree’s McGee – UGH. Yes, that does sound like a Mountain Jam. I’ll wait for Beck to play a city jam, or something that doesn’t involve the word “jam.”

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