Fine, Friends is on Netflix and I’m on season three after two weeks

I’m onto the episode where Ross is selling Brown Bird cookies because he accidently knocked a little girl down the stairs and he takes over her cookie selling so she can go to space camp. Spoiler alert: he doesn’t sell the most cookies, so little girl doesn’t get to go to space camp. To make up for it, he, Joey, and Chandler make a fake space camp in Joey and Chandler’s apartment. Here’s my outrage: 1. What kind of parent lets their 7 year old hang out unsupervised with three adult men who are not friends or relatives? 2. Ross works at the f**king American Museum of Natural History. He couldn’t get her a behind the scenes planetarium tour or some shit? The best he can do is a recliner wrapped in tin foil with a strobe light?

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