Citrus scented flames

Apparently, you can turn an orange into a candle. It just ignites itself, and then your house smells like oranges. It’s big on Pintrest this week. I guess it’s cool, but I’m a little freaked out by food that catches fire so easily. 



Best catcalls I’ve gotten in Flatbush

I’m in a new neighborhood, so I’ve got a new collection of dudes yelling at me. Here are my favorites so far:

1. “Hey beauty queen, give me your number so I can call you later”

Because beauty queens usually wear cutoffs and hoodies, right?

2. “I wish I could get you to say yes to everything.”

I assume “everything” means anal. The answer is “no.”

3. “Hey pretty.”

Not exactly original. It’s only noteworthy because I’d underdressed to walk to the store. I was pulling my sweatshirt closer to my face to make up for my lack of scarf or hat and I was scrunching my face, making a noise like “Mergeaaaah.”