Unexpected Expenses

I took a bite of my leftover burrito at lunch and it tasted, fruity. Fruity in a stale, fake way. I took a second bite, hoping my tastebuds had suddenly gained an imagination. They hadn’t, the tofu, beans, and cheese had a hint of fruit with every bite. I took a third bite, just to figure out why. The fruit flavor had a slight undertone of cigarette smell, and then Ifigured out that the Tupperware I’d reheated my burrito filling in was the same one that E had been using to store hookah tobacco, and the residue from the apple flavored, molasses soaked tobacco worked its way into my burrito.┬áThen I bought a mediocre salad from Duane Reade because I decided I’m not eating anything that tastes right today. To make myself feel better, I write “hookah only” on the Tupperware lid and container in sharpie so this mistake never happens again. Then I felt a little ashamed that this was the second time I’ve put leftovers in a hookah Tupperware.