Finest moment on television tonight…

From the Exterminators on A&E…

Billy’s gotta remove a family of opossums from a bathroom wall. He cut a hole in the outside wall and figured out that mama and babies had been living under the tub. “Opossums are pretty cool,” he says. “They’re great for the ecosystem because they’re scavengers. They eat insects and things they find on the ground.”

Then Billy sits on the deck next to the hole, a cage in his lap, saying, “I put some, uh, some nachos in there. I think the opossums are going to like that,” and pulls 7-Eleven style nachos on a deli paper out of a Styrofoam container, and places the pile of chips and fake cheese into the hole in the house.

Sure enough, the baby opossums come running and Billy snatches them up.

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