The Bronx Zoo

Posing for a cereal bag.

Nature walk through The Bronx.

I can keep them away with a two foot fence.

Broken rules.

A little girl asked me about taking the tram. I told her she had to get tickets someplace. Then I realized that she must’ve thought I worked at the zoo because of my brown dress. But I thought the “Bug Carousel” was going to be the insect zoo, and not a carousel with insects instead of horses. I was still excited.

The zebras had no animal shaped cookies. Nor did any other place in the zoo.

Tigers actively hunt humans.
In the butterfly garden, I told some little kids what Eric Carle had been lying to them about: butterflies come out of a chrysalis and moths come out of cocoons.

I got inducted into the pollination hall of fame, no big deal.

The National Zoo

I went to the National Zoo in DC on one of the hottest days of the year. I didn’t even want to be outside, so I didn’t blame the animals for hiding.

Lion impression

So that’s a panda. It looked animatronic.

Real animals=too hot to see. Statue animals = too hot to touch.

Panda pose.

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