Showers are way safer

I was taking a shower at my friend Lisa’s house in her 100 year old cast iron bathtub with feet. There was a small hose with a shower head, but it wasn’t very long so I sat most of the time. When I did stand up, one of the feet popped off, causing the tub to sit lopsided on the drain, spilling water everywhere, making the water collect without being able to drain, and I was still covered with soap and conditioner. I did my best to rinse in the crooked tub, and then threw on a towel. I walked into the kitchen, dripping the entire way, and said, “Liiiiisa….I broke your bathtub.”
“I broke your bathtub. I stood up and the foot just popped off….are your parents going to be mad?”
“No,” she said while laughing, “but my dad may get you a can of slim fast.”

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